Save St. Mark’s Clock Tower

A local landmark in Southborough’s Historic Town Center needs your YES vote on May 22
How You can Help

Southborough’s Community Preservation Committee recommends CPA grant funding of $300,000—40% of the final cost—to be added to more than $350,000 given by parishioners to preserve the clock tower.

An historic resource and local landmark needs your help.

The stone tower of historic St. Mark’s Church is deteriorating. Parishioners have committed more than $350,000 to the project that can only be fully restored with support from the Southborough community and CPA funds.

Learn more about the Southborough CPA and join us by voting YES on Saturday, May 22 at Town Meeting and help save this architectural treasure.

Fast Facts

• Southborough CPA Funds can only be used for specific projects like the Tower. 

• Town Counsel Aldo A. Cipriano advises the project would not violate state or federal law.

• More than $9 million in CPA grants have been awarded to religious organizations across Massachusetts over the last 3 years.

• The typical taxpayer in Southborough provides $80 each year to CPA funds.

Southborough’s de-facto town clock… is a highly significant cultural resource, and its full restoration is a high priority.

Michael Weishan

Chair, Southborough Historical Commission, March 2021